Beans of Wisdom: Corpse shipping and cameo crossovers

This week in Beans of Wisdom…

Our medical beanies discuss the severe scolding scenes in “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: Episode 17.” Lessa starts in comment #23:

In medschool to junior internship, I experienced being scolded in a similar way and then crying like a baby after. As I moved upward towards residency and fellowship, there were still incidents like that. Of course, it could be a very small mistake, probably insignificant even. But we do experience things like that. But the older I got the more I sort of understand the mean seniors. We handle lives. We need to get used to achieving perfection, even if it is impossible. When my senior residents graduated, they were actually the ones I was really close to even though some of them were really really mean to me when I started. Because they push me to be careful/meticulous about details.

Yes, mistakes do happen (cue: We are only human) but I think mistakes and their lessons should be hammered on to your being. Not to feel guilty or sad or depressed. But to push you to be better.

Yeah sure, In Bum could’ve been nicer, but maybe that’s why I keep wondering what level Yeon Hwa is. If she was a medical student, it would be totally understandable to mix up the AP-PA view of an Xray of the chest. But if she is a surgery resident, that’s kind of a major mistake, IMO. Any senior fellow would be mad.


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